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Parallel Sessions


A1 – New challenges for port cities

Nicolas Terrassier, Director, Urbanism Agency, Saint Nazaire, France ; Juan Alvaro Alayo Azcarate, Director of Planning & Development, Bilbao Ria 2000, Spain ; Pito Dingemanse, Manager, Spatial Planning, Port of Amsterdam, Netherlands ; Najmadin Musabaàev, Mayor, Aralsk, Kazakhstan ; Martine Bonny, Chair of Executive Committee, Port de Dunkerque, France

A2 - Sustainable mobility choices and accessibility

Sir Albert Bore, CoR Member; Member of Birmingham City Council, United Kingdom ; Michael Glotz-Richter, Senior Project Manager, Bremen, Germany ; Andres Martinez, Project Manager, Mobility Department, San Sebastian, Spain ;
Alicja Pawlowska, Traffic Engineering Officer, Gdynia, Poland ; Serge Godard, Mayor, Clermont-Ferrand, Member of the GART, France


A3 – Building: the challenge of the existing stock

Gérard Magnin, Director of Energy Cities ; Grégoire Clerfayt, Director, Cabinet of the Minister of Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium ; Carine Puyol, Union Sociale pour l’Habitat – Representation to the European Union ; Blaise Desbordes, Sustainability Department, Caisse des Dépôts, France ; Jan Sponar, Municipality Manager, Brno-Nowy Liskovec, Czech Republic

A4 - Quality of Life – Strengthening Local Communities

Birgit Georgi, Project manager, European Environment Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark ; Astrid Scharly, Vice President Sustainable Development and Agenda 21, Lille Metropolitan Area, France ; Petri Kahila, Senior Research Fellow, Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (Nordregio), Stockholm, Sweden ; Åsa Karlsson Björkmarker, Member of the Executive Board, Växjö, Sweden

A5 – Socially inclusive societies

Frédéric Vallier, Secretary General, Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) ; Jef Gabriels, President of the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities and former Mayor of the City of Genk, Belgium ; Bashy Quraishy, Chair of the Advisory Council, European Network Against Racism (ENAR) ; Haroon Saad, Director, European Regeneration Network (QeC-ERAN)

A6 - Encouraging responsible consumption and waste reduction in urban areas

Olivier De Clercq, Secretary general, ACR+ ; Peter Tom Jones, University of Leuven, Belgium ; Hugh Coughlan, Senior Officer, Dublin City Council, Ireland ; Gilles Mahé, Deputy Mayor, Angers, France ; Mireia Padros, Coordinator of the EWWR, Catalan Waste Agency, Spain


A7 – Adapting to climate change – Building local strategies

Thorsten Geissler, Lübeck, Germany ; Ronan Dantec, Deputy Mayor, Nantes, France ; Rob Roggema, CITTÀ IDEALE, Province of Groningen, Netherlands ; Pierre Crepeaux, Project Manager for Climate, Grand Lyon, France ; Henning Jensen, CoR member, Mayor, Næstved, Denmark


A8 – Local renewable energy

Paula Baker, CoR Member; Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, United Kingdom ; Maryke van Staden, Climate & Air Coordinator, ICLEI - European Secretariat



A9 – Biodiversity – why local governments are key actors

Monika Zimmermann, Director, International Training Centre, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, Freiburg, Germany ; Marie Decima, Environment Officer, CERDD (Centre Ressource de Développement Durable), France (Presentation_FR); Philippe Bodard, Mayor, Mûrs-Erigné, France ; Valerija Kelemen-Pepeonik, City Planning Advisor, City of Zagreb, Croatia
; Toni Pujol Vidal, Environmental Officer, City of Barcelona, Spain (Presentation_EN) ; Andre Mader, Coordinator, Local Action for Biodiversity (LAB), ICLEI Africa, Cape Town, South Africa


A10 - Towards a water-sensitive city

Anne Le Strat, Deputy-Mayor of Paris responsible for water, France ; Malena Karlsson, Information Officer, Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, Sweden ; Helena Hecimovic, City Councillor, Koprivnica, Croatia ;  Lola Campos, Councillor of Zaragoza, Spain ;  Martine Beuken, Environmental Official, 's-Hertogenbosch Municipality, The Netherlands; Alain Rodet, Mayor of Limoges, France

Parallel Sessions B


B1 - The dynamics of changing citizen behaviour

Christophe Pannetier, President i-solution, Associated director, CM international ; Gérard Poujade, Mayor, Séquestre leTarn, France ; Alexander Krohn, Director for Energy, Heidelberg, Germany ; Jean-Pierre Triquet, Director of Communications, Metropolitan Area of Dunkerque, France ;  Céline Braillon, Project Manager, Ministry of Ecology, France ;Olivier Seznec, Development Manager, CISCO


B2 - Culture and development: towards sustainable cities

Catherine Cullen, Deputy-Mayor in charge of culture, Lille (European capital of Culture 2004), France ; Marie-Louise Rönnmark, Mayor of Umeå, Sweden (European Capital of Culture 2014) ; Mikko Fritze, City of Tallinn, Estonia (European Capital of Culture 2011) ; Renaud Denuit, Adviser to the Director for Culture, Multilingualism and Communication DG Education and Culture European Commission


B3 - Urban planning

Bernard Poirier, 1st Vice-president responsible for Sustainable Development, Rennes, France ; Norbert Schröder-Klings, Head,Urban Planning and Development, Freiburg, Germany ; Helena Kock Aström, Coordinator, Environmental affairs, Linköping, Sweden


B4 - Cooperation between levels of government

Ferran Vallespinós, Coordinator of the Environmental Area, Province of Barcelona, Spain ; Leif Pedersen, Chairman of the Green Cities partnership and member of the City council of Albertslund Municipality, Denmark ;
Catarina Freitas, Head of Environment, City of Almada, Portugal ; Olivier Landel, Director, Association des Communautés Urbaines de France; Rafael Ocaña, Environmental Officer, Province of  Barcelona, Spain


B5 - European strategy and opportunities for financing

Reinhard Six, Energy specialist, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg ; President, AFCCRE Territorial Cohesion Working Group ; Calin Chira, Brussels Office of Romanian Municipalities Association ; Flo Clucas, CoR Member, Deputy Council Leader, Liverpool, UK ; Jana Fischerová, Mayor of Havlíčkův Brod; President of the Committee for Foreign Cooperation of the Union of Towns and Communities, Czech Republic ; Pierre Jarlier, Mayor of St-Flour (Cantal), France


B6 - Addressing climate change through procurement

Matthew Galvin, Procurement Manager, Greater London Authority, United Kingdom ; Serge Hombert, Chargé de mission à la Direction des Achats, UGAP, France ; Pekka Sauri, Deputy Mayor, City of Helsinki ; Livia Mazzà, GPP Partner (Ecosistemi), Province of Cremona, Italy ; Steve Waller, Sustainability Advisor, Improvement & Development Agency for Local Government (IDeA), United Kingdom ; Maud Lelièvre, Executive Officer, Ecomaires, France


B7 – Integrated Management

Paolo Casprini, Director of Environment Policy Area, Province of Siena, Italy ; Pekka Salminen, Union of Baltic Cities, Environmental Secretariat, Finland  ; Holger Robrecht, Director of Sustainability Management, ICLEI Europe, Germany ; Orsola Bolognani, Ambiente Italia, Italy


B8 - Sustainable local economies

Guiseppe Bortone, General Manager of Environment, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy ; Michael Damm, Environmental Coordinator, Aalborg, Denmark ; Bernard Guirkinger, Comité Executif, SUEZ Environnement, France ; Per Bodker Andersen, Deputy Mayor of Kolding, Denmark

B9 – International Urban Cooperation

Anna Mª Garriga, Project Officer, Medcities, Barcelona, Spain ; Raffaella Gueze, Project officer, Bologna, Italy ; Mustapha Naamoune, Director, Urbanisation Agency, Annaba, Algéria ; Vincent Feltesse, President, Urban Community of Bordeaux, France ; Ingrid Molander, environment controller, Municipality of Botkyrka, Sweden ; Joan Parpal, Secretary General of Medcities, Barcelona, Spain


B10 –Informed Cities

Marko Joas, Head of Department of Political Science, Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland ; Risto Veivo, Advisor to Deputy Mayor, City of Turku, Finland ; Vincent Cousin, Advisor for Industry, Advancity, Paris, France Bertrand ; Wert, Policy Officer, DG Enterprise & Industry, Directorate Innovation Policy, European Commission, Belgium