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P1- Opening Plenary
(Wednesday 19 May, 9.30-11.00)

P2- Climate change, economic crisis and social challenges
(Wednesday 19 May, 11.30-13.00)

P3- Interactive debate: Turning Challenges into solutions
(Wednesday 19 May, 14.30-16.00)

Parallel sessions A
(Wednesday 19 May, 16.30-18.00)

Parallel sessions B
(Thursday 20 May, 9.30-11.00)

Sub-plenaries C - Cooperation on Eco-efficient en resilient urban infrastructure
(Thursday 20 May 11.30-13.00)

P4- Connected and committed - Progress of local sustainability in Europe
(Thursday 20 May,  14.30-16.00)

P5- Champion and newcomers
(Thursday 20 May, 16.30-17.30)

Mayors' session
(Thursday 20 May, 16.30-17.30)

P6- Next Climate Conference – COP16 in Mexico: Responsibilities ahead for local and national governments
(Friday 19 May, 9.30-11.00)

P7- A Europe of sustainable cities
(Friday 19 May, 11.30-13.00)

Study visits
(Friday 19 May, 14.30)


Agora, meals & activities

Agora hall & Exhibition

Agora presentations

Cocktails, meals and cultural events

Around the Kursaal


Watch the Zapping of Dunkerque 2010 for an overview of the funny moments of the conference.