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The Conference

The Metropolitan Urban Council of Dunkerque, its president Michel Delebarre, as well as the members of the European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign thank you warmly for your participation  at the 6th European Sustainable Cities and Towns conference!

Dunkerque 2010 explored how sustainable development can help local governments to face the current economic, social and climate challenges and how it can be further implemented in the current context of crisis. Key actors were convened to identify the changes needed to our political frameworks and explore how different sectors can cooperate to advance sustainable development in Europe.

Key messages
More recognition for the role local and regional authorities in the creation of smart, sustainable economies was the key message delivered at the 6th Sustainable Cities and Towns Conference. After three days of debate, analysis, discussions and presentations the more than1,800 participants at Dunkerque 2010, Europe’s largest local sustainability event, accepted two political declarations that aim to shape the role of local governments in years to come.

Visit the conference Outcome section for more information.


The Dunkerque 2010 Declarations

The two political declarations, The Dunkerque 2010 Local Sustainability Declaration and The Dunkerque 2010 Call on Climate Action, were presented and approved by participants during the closing plenary on 21 May.

Click here to read:
The Dunkerque 2010 Local Sustainability Declaration EN  FR
The Dunkerque 2010 Call on Climate Action EN  FR

Visit the conference photo gallery

Look for photos of the conference speakers or for your own photo among the numerous conference pictures available to download in the photo gallery.

Download the conference presentations

Several Powerpoint presentations, speeches and presentation abstracts are available to download in the Programme section of this website.

Key statements

“The Dunkerque 2010 declarations contain the essential means to evolve developing European policies. They contain the vital elements of our ideas and work so we need to put all our energy behind them. This is a key moment for the construction of what I call a European community of local governments for sustainable development. We want to be listened to and brought on board. We need to work more effectively together whatever the limitations”.

Michel Delebarre
Former Minister of State
Mayor of Dunkerque
President of the Metropolitan Council of Dunkerque
Chair of the Commission for Territorial Cohesion (COTER)

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Interest in hosting the 7th ESCT Conference

We are currently looking for a host to welcome the 7th European Sustainable Cities and Towns Conference in 2013, the next conference of a series that has shaped sustainable policies in Europe. Do not miss this opportunity to host the largest European event dedicated to local sustainable development and to showcase the sustainable efforts of your city.

Please contact for further information about the Bidding Package.